5 Top Nigerian Vacation Spots For A Thrilling Christmas!


Christmas is only celebrated once in a year and there is a tendency to forget the taste and yummy foodie goodness that comes with it. However, you can have the most memorable Christmas celebration on vacation to amazing places in Nigeria and get to explore new places, people, and things.

Nigeria is blessed with amazing, gorgeous sceneries and locations, perfect for that get away with your loved ones, and since it is Christmas, why not? Here is a list of some beautiful Nigerian destinations for a Christmas vacation.


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Obudu Cattle ranch resort – Cross River



This is one of the best vacation destination if you are seeking a serene, warm and tranquil environment with a breath-taking blend of nature and modernity. It is also the perfect spot for a bonding time with family members or just a getaway with your partner. The resort boasts of the golf course, accompanied by horse riding, a beautiful natural landscape that makes you feel in sync with nature, with birds singing beautifully on the trees. It also has a nightclub for all the nightclub parties, and celebrities are spotted often at this club. Obudu Cattle ranch is usually the first pick for couples for their honeymoon too!


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Millennium Park – Abuja


This is a massive (about 330,000 square meters) ultra-modern amusement park located in the capital city of Abuja Nigeria. It’s the whole family’s delight because it offers fun for the young and the old. Visitors to the park can enjoy a leisure stroll through the lush gardens, and there are rides and beautiful arcades fit for all age range. There are also different restaurants and shops that sell a wide variety of cuisines and treats in and around the park. As you enjoy the different fun activities in the park, you can also have your stomach needs met at any point in time.


Tarkwa Bay – Lagos


Treat yourself and your loved one to a Christmas vacation in Tarkwa Bay. It is a perfect place to relax and have fun. The Tarkwa Beach is a beautiful and expansive beach that serves a breath-taking view to anyone that comes visiting. You can also spot massive cargo ships and several small ones if you take a walk along the beach coast. You can also take pictures of ships that have been in a wreck and frame for souvenir purpose. Fishermen returning from the ocean also provide good barbecue with the fishes they caught while at sea for visitors to the beach.


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Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi



This is a wildlife park that is in Bauchi State. It was formerly a game reserve but was later turned into a national park. For all lovers or safari and wildlife, this is the place to spend your Christmas vacation. About 50 species of wildlife and well over 350 species of birds are available at the park. Accommodation is also quite affordable at the park resort, and it has a warm dipping spring.


Calabar  – Cross River

Calabar is a town and not a resort. But the whole of Calabar definitely makes a thrilling vacation destination. That’s because there are a number of spectacular places to visit whenever you are in Calabar. Take a trip to the National Museum Calabar with your family to give them a history of Nigeria. The building served as both the residence and administrative headquarters of the colonial government and is one of the only few history museums in Nigeria with a host of some of the most preserved artifacts and documents dating back to the pre-colonial period.




The Tortuga Island is a great place to relax with your family. It is situated in beautiful landscaped gardens that offer panoramic views of the river. You could watch the sunset and enjoy a delightful dinner of different Cross River delicacies. Then, the Calabar Carnival is a great reason to visit Calabar this season. With a variety of events like carnival football matches, boat regattas, and traditional festivals, it is a must-see for everyone.


Whichever of these vacation spots you choose, make sure you enjoy every bit of it.



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