Easy Ways To Organise Your Closet

A neatly arranged closet is admired and loved by everyone. However, it is a big task for most people to get done. Quite a number of people have had the experience of having to spend 10 minutes looking for their cloth of choice for the day.

Some have even thought that they do not have enough matching combination of wears; whereas if they had properly arranged their closets, they’ll appreciate that they have more than enough. The fact is: a messy closet doesn’t contribute to anyone’s happiness.

How you organize your closet would largely depend on your space and your wardrobe size. But, no matter how big or small your space is, the following steps will help you get your closet in good shape, effortlessly.



Declutter your Closet

Take time out to empty your closet and to separate the clothes you still intend to wear from the ones you no longer need. There’s the possibility of getting confused on what to keep and what not to keep. But asking yourself if the clothes needs to be replaced or not will help you make a fast decision on where it belongs.


Arrange your clothes by category

Sift through your clothes and organize them into categories. Separate your pant, skirts, tops, dresses, t-shirt, jeans, office wears, outing wear and casual wears from each other, and arrange them by putting clothes that belong to the same category together. This makes it easy to select your cloth of choice for the day.



Use matching hangers

Use of matching hangers for clothes that belong to the same category gives your closet a sleek look and makes you identify your wears easily, especially at those times you have to make impromptu outing and clothing decisions.


Place regular clothes at eye level

Ensure you place things you wear often at eye level in order to find it easily. This tames the chaotic time spent in disorganizing the closet every time you have to get the wears.



Utilize empty wall or door spaces

Empty wall or door spaces can be used to hang things like ties, belts, scarfs, jewelries, handbags etc. This is one great way to make the most of your space.



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