Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Summer

Fashion means different things to different people and, as much as we all agree that there is no single explanation for style, we must also acknowledge it as a key player in the definition of identity. From the polo-watching and designer-wearing crowd to the bohemian street style type, there is something about individual sense of style that inspires community.

Whether you stay up to your elbows in what’s hot on the runway, or perhaps you are a good ol’ classic gal, somehow, your style either influences or is influenced by others. In this post, we’ll consider 3 runway trends, inspired by the spring/summer collections displayed at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week concluded in March, which form the centre of fashion flow for this season.



Lilac Rush

From time past, pastel colours have maintained a classic appeal to the fashion conscious of the world. For sure, many a cut and design look better simply because they are peach, mauve or beige. So, as a matter of course, soft shades were prominent on the runway at the Paris fashion week; however, the fairest one of all for the season turns out to be- drum rolls-Lilac!

From Bottega Veneta’s bejeweled trench coat to Tom Ford’s metallic sportswear number, there is no stopping purple’s subtle sister from headlining this year’s fashion pick. 




After a few seasons of tiny tote bags, I, for one, have had enough of leaving my girly essentials back at home on days, or nights, out. With the large tote comeback, no more second thoughts about buying corn and pear because there’s nowhere to put it.

Practical as they are, carry all totes are ideal for this gadget and accessory crazy generation: stuff in your tablets and sunshades. For that trendy-to-the-hilt spice, consider the fish net street style and the retro PVC (transparent bag, not voter’s card).



Micro Shades

Although some people seem to somehow escape the long arms of karma, in fashion, what goes round very often comes back around. If you think I’m wrong, look about you and count the number of people wearing humongous mummy jeans just to be trendy.

Despite the fact that little was seen of micro shades on the Paris runways; perhaps, because it was an earlier prediction, it is a hot feature that would really rock the summer. Frankly, the miniscule shades may not do much to ward of sunrays, but they are handy for rocking camera flash and red carpet strobes.



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