Go Effortlessly Chic Without Breaking Your Purse With These Fashion Items!

Ever thought that looking chic would break your purse and leave you drinking garri for a long time after your purchase? Well, you are not alone in this. While fashion can be high end, there are few ‘tricks’ in the book that can make you look chic and smart for less, without you coming across as cheap.


Jumpsuits:They are fashion items that allow you get a top and a trouser for the price of one (well maybe close to the price of one). It has become a very important fashion piece in recent times because of its dual capabilities. Slide into a pair of sneakers to get a sporty/casual daytime look and a pair of heels at night for thatclassy night/dinner chic look.



Scarfs: In this part of the world, a scarf has different uses for different people, depending on their geographical location. In the north, for example, a scarf is used to shield the hair from dust and down south it is used to complement native attires for ‘owambes’. In contemporary times, a scarf can be adapted for multi-purpose functions. You can use a scarf to make bold fashion statements by using your scarf as a muffler, a bandana or, if you are daring enough, they could go on your wrist. So,next time you’re heading out of the house,think of more interesting ways to use your scarf and, subsequently, you can alternate between this style.


Mix and Match: One of the things we don’t do often is emptying our wardrobes.Most times we have clothes stuck in those chambers that we’ve totally forgotten about. Once in a while, empty your wardrobes, sort your clothes, arrange the ones still in good condition, then mix and match them to create new fashion items and stay chic.



Skirts: There are quite a number of ways you can repurpose your skirts to look new and bring the chic feel to your dressing. Get your old skirts and cut fringes into them or sew a lace overlay.You can as well convert your long skirts to a cute little dress and grab the attention of everyone in the room when you walk in.


Go vintage:When all fails, you might want to dig into some of your ‘mother’s clothes’. Don’t fret if it doesn’t fit you just yet. As long as it looks good on you,‘peng’ it with the help of your tailor. What you’ll achieve with this is a vintage chic look tailored just for you that might never be found on the shelf of any fashion store.


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Accessorize: There is no need to cross rivers and oceans all in a bid to get glittering tops and embellished skirts/dressesthat will catch everyone’s attention. Getting the perfect statement necklace will still get you the ‘who’s that girl’ look without tearing your purse. It could be a good watch or a chunky bracelet. As long as you want to look chic, you must accessorize!



Hair: If you have the best dress and shoes, but forget to invite your hair to the party, it leaves a dent in what would have been a glamorous look. Get the stunning look you want by trying out different cuts and wigs that work with your face shape, skin tone and eye color.


There you go… go for it!



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