Guys, Here’s How To Go Beyond The New Year Resolutions

A new year is like a universal reset button. No wonder a lot of people capitalize on it to reflect on the previous year and make New Year resolutions. However, more than half of these resolutions fail because most people come up with a pile of unrealistic resolutions, or they never actually make an effort to achieve them.


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It is however, very possible to smash your new year goals when you keep them as realistic as possible. Here is a list of things you can do to help you achieve your new year resolutions and become a part of the small percentage of people who actually succeed in achieving their new year goals.



Be Realistic


There is nothing wrong with goal setting and making a plan. However, you need to realize that they will only remain a writing on a piece of paper attached to your bathroom wall or in your notepad if no action is taken on them. It is therefore important that you set goals and plans that are realistic and achievable. You will give yourself a great head start if they are doable and meaningful. Don’t plan based on wishful thinking. Changing your old rickety car will not happen if you don’t start making better savings plan for it now. If your goal is to exercise frequently, don’t wait till you can afford an elite gym membership. Look around and see what opportunities there are to help you build that body of goals. Skipping, planks and sit ups are great examples of exercises you can take up at home. You can also research online on other exercises you can do from home.



Continue From Where You Stopped


So, you did not finish everything on your list the previous year, you don’t have to toss it in the trash and start all over again. For you to reach a goal, you must first develop the habit that will guide you to the right actions. Building on your previous work or an already-existing habit is a more effective way to achieve your end result. If you wanted to save up to a certain amount of money before the previous year ran out and you did not reach that goal, continue from where you left off and if 6 months into the new year is when you reach the goal, celebrate the achievement. The new year doesn’t have to bring about new goals. You can build on what you’ve already started and then refine it.


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Keep Track Records


Monitor your behaviour and the progress you are making as you go along. It will help you keep track of your progress and what you need to do more or 

less. Also find people around you who are reaching for the same goal as you. Sometimes, the positive energy they throw around you will help you get out of bed to do something productive as part of your new year goals. Don’t be afraid to accept help from those who care about you. This will also help strengthen your resilience and ability to manage stress caused by your resolution. Keep record of whichever one of these helps you do better and focus on that more.



Start Afresh


So, you have cheated on your diet plan a few times, you did not show up at your support group or you splurged again on that ridiculously expensive item that turned out unnecessary. You can start afresh. New year resolutions leave you feeling stressed because you don’t want to miss anyone and try as you may, you fall back into an old habit. Don’t beat yourself up. You can always start again. You did not fail. You are your own experiment.



When it comes to reaching your new year goals, focus more on your progress. Don’t stress about the longer time it’s taking. Focus on the new things you have learnt. Did you get closer to the big picture? Every step you have taken so far counts. Learn to track your actions and also work on the feedback. This way, you will get to your goals faster.



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