Happiness Can Prolong Your Life. Here’s How!

Have you ever stumbled upon one of these exquisite glossy magazines with a model splashed across the front page, looking as flawless as she can possibly be? And then, you are wishing you could be like that? You think you would be happy if your life was as ‘flawless’ as that. Well, the truth is that the lives of those in such magazines are not as flawless as it seems, and you don’t need to be flawless to be happy. In fact, there is scientific evidence that happiness, and not genetics or physique, is one of the greatest predictors of longevity. If you can improve your lifestyle and be happy, it will not only affect your mental health, but also affect how your body ages.


Happiness and good health are partners. Studies have shown that happiness can make our hearts healthier and our immune systems stronger thereby, making us live longer. Research also shows that if you start to live a positive and happy lifestyle right at this very moment, barring health issues, you stand a big chance of living longer than someone who approaches each day with a negative outlook to everything.


Happiness is being blind to the negativities around you. Believing you have the power to do something about the negativities, and changing your reality is also what happiness is all about. So, if you are looking to add some more years to your age, you need to embrace happiness. Here’s what to do.


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Don’t fight the stress

Stress can be detrimental to our health we. However, have you thought about making this stress work for you and not against you? Research has shown that stress can actually enhance our wellbeing. First, be aware of the fact that you are stressed. Then, look for the reason why you are stressed (I’m stressed because…). Then, finally, look for a way to channel your stress response to serve as a source of motivation instead. So, recognize and then channel it in positive ways that will improve your life and your happiness too.



Sleep more

Fatigue has the tendency to impair your ability to see the positive things about life. It is recommended that you get 7-8 hours of sleep each day. When you are too tired, you tend to be cranky and irritable, and you emit these negative energies around you.  Sleep is not just good for your body, it helps your mind and your general wellbeing. So, ditch the books, turn off the TV and mobile phones, and get as much hours of sleep as you can. You will wake up feeling a lot better and in a better mood thereafter.

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Be optimistic

Usually, being pessimistic is a defense mechanism we put up when life issues happen. It serves as a safe place we can run to. It means we always have a plan in place too. Take for example, you are getting ready to make a pitch for a big contract. Don’t start out by thinking about the many things that could go wrong with the presentation. Instead, prepare yourself very well for the pitch and think about how good you will feel when you give a stellar pitch and then win the contract. Anticipate that nice celebratory dinner you and everyone involved will have after winning the pitch. Expect success, and you will be more likely to find it. Then, love more and laugh more.


You can live longer if you learn to channel your energy away from the bad and into the good. Relish each moment life brings you and stay happy.



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