Harmattan Is Coming! Here’s How To Protect Your Hair  


In our part of the world, harmattan comes before Christmas and then stays a longer after. As we prepare for the yuletide season, it seems harmattan is knocking on the door. Usually, a dusty and dry environment characterizes the harmattan season. For some people, it is their best weather, while some others are not anywhere close to liking it because of how it adversely affects their skin, lips, and hair. Most females will relate to the hair issue because the weather really affects their hair. For many of them, the season does not go well with the expensive hairstyles they love to wear. This does not mean that the menfolk are left out; this weather also affects them.


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Whether your hair is locked, braided or curled, harmattan is bound to affect it, but the following tips can help you protect your hair during the season.


Carry A Hair Spray


Having a hair spray this season is essential if you want to protect your hair. You should always have it with you wherever you go. Then, it is advisable that your spray bottle contains a glycerin jelly, which is a mixture of gelatin glycerin and some water, according to experts. The essence is for you to spray your hair on the go to re-moisturize it in other to avoid dryness or breaking.



Drink More Water


Water is very important to the body, the skin, and the hair. According to studies, people should drink up to 8 glasses of water each day. This will keep your skin, nails and your hair healthy. So, this season, drink more water to ensure you are adequately hydrated to maintain a healthy hair.


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Stay Away From Dust


I know most people will be wondering how it is possible to keep away from dust during a dusty season. Yeah, it is! And the simplest or easiest way to do this is by wearing a hat whenever you are going out, to avoid dust settling on your hair.


Co-Wash Your Hair


According to experts, it is better to rely solely on conditioner, i.e co-wash, than a shampoo this season. Using a shampoo will remove your hair moisture, which is not healthy for your hair. On the other hand, conditioning it will leave the moisture on your hair, which makes it good for the season, just the way you want it.


Regularly Moisturize


Knowing the type of your hair is very important, especially during harmattan. Always endeavor to check your hair on a regular basis, so you can adequately provide the adequate amount of hair moisturizer needed to keep your hair in good shape. It is advisable you use a conditioner that is just suitable for your hair, to keep it from breaking or getting dry.


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Protective Hair Style


Most ladies will agree that this season comes with a bit of hair challenge, needing creative hairstyles. Many ladies like to adopt the less cumbersome hairstyles like wigs, braids etc. As for the men, they can decide to cut their hair low, which is easier to manage.  In all, you must ensure that you adopt styles that are easier to manage during the harmattan.



With this little measures, we are sure your hair will be better managed for a better appearance and better hair health this season.



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