He Kissed Me!

I woke up by 8am on Sunday, 17th of June and I was so angry! I couldn’t even write my diary the night before, and I guess you know the reason. It was the night of Nigeria’s world cup opener against Croatia and the result was so disappointing! I was actually really optimistic about the match that I had to spot my “fake Nigerian jersey” throughout that day. That awful match did nothing but dampen my mood.



On the match day, apart from a few other nationals who just came to enjoy the game of football, the stadium was mostly Red and White, with a host of Croatians there to support their country. But there was a good representation of Nigerians as well; after all, we no dey carry last! The mood in our camp went from the pre-match singing and chanting of “Nzogbu… Enyimba Enyi…” to sadness and disappointment, after we lost the game. Well, Nina, who was with me all the while, was quite on the high because France had won their game, and she had to be the one cheering me up. Anyway, I kinda still believe in my country. It’s Naija all the way!


Monday was tour day! As part of my travel package, I am entitled to two days every week to check out the coolest places in the country, meet new people, try out some Russian food and all of that kind of stuff. I left my apartment at 9:30am because I had to meet with my other group members. When I got to the meeting point, guess who I sighted! Lolu, Seyi’s cousin! Seeing him, I knew it was automatically going to be a great day. The fun part was that we were paired together as “Tour Partners”. The sad part: I wasn’t wearing make up and wasn’t dressed my best. But then, it didn’t matter. I was going to enjoy this tour day with my very handsome partner! Our first port of call was Lenin’s Mauloseum, which has Vladimir Ilych Lenin’s embalmed body laid within a red granite and black labratorite step-pyramid. It was actually really creepy. Lenin was was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist.



Next up, we visited a fun place, called The Gorky Central Park of Culture. I haven’t been to an amusement park in years! I finally got to enjoy the ambience, and I was going to have some alone time with my dear tour partner, Lolu. We didn’t really have conversations at the Mauloseum for obvious reasons, but this place was really cool. He got me a Mango juice (How did he know that’s my best fruit in the world!) Our first conversation was somewhat awkward. But then, it got better. “So, what do you do, Nneoma?” was the first thing he asked. “I’m an investment banker,” I replied. Then, he asked about where I lived, my family, my greatest fantasies and my favorites activities. At some point, the conversation began to ‘flow’ so much that we became unconscious of the time. Then, it was evening…



It felt like I had known a lot about him. He shared a lot of information with me and seemed quite like a really cool guy. Honestly, at a point, I childishly thought, “Maybe this could be my future husband...” Don’t mind me. When I got tired of sitting, we decided to go for a walk and he even gave me his jacket, because it was getting cold. Later on, we got some burgers and hailed a cab to the apartment. The ride back was so warm and cuddly I really just felt like I could just sleep there. Shortly, there we were at my door saying our goodbyes, and then… HE KISSED ME!



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