Here Are 4 Insurance Packages You Can Get With A Pair Of Shoes Worth Of Money!

How much would you pay for a pair of shoes? N20, 000, N50, 000 or N150, 000? These figures may well apply to average and rich individuals in the society, but definitely not to the low-income earner, whose range might probably fall between N5000 and N7000, especially in a tight economy as ours.  Wondering what’s the fuss with shoe prices? It will shock you to know that there are people who can afford to buy shoes worth over N50, 000, but have no plans in place to insure them against losses that may arise from life’s eventualities.


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If you fall into the category of those who feel they do not have enough money to buy insurance plans, we have recommendations you most likely won’t say no to. Here are some insurance packages worth about the price of the cheapest of shoes and would provide you with interesting benefits.



This is the deal with home insurance packages. Depending on the content of your home, its worth and your family size, you have a cover that you can choose from. LHAPPy from Leadway Assurance is a plan that is specifically designed for the home and members of the household. The plan is structured in such a way that it specifically caters for the needs of different classes of persons. With a monthly premium of N15, 672 on the first month and N5,672 in subsequent months, you can enjoy benefits worth over N16 million within a year.



Home Flexa Silver

If the LHAPPy still seems too much for you to afford, don’t be scared. The Home Flexa Silver offers you a cheaper bargain. Are your properties not so expensive and you are living on a frugal monthly budget good enough to meet basic needs? Then this plan is for you. It has a monthly premium of N1074 and offers benefits up to N500, 000.


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Hospital Cash Cover

A situation where you need to get medical attention and getting to the hospital, you learn that you would have to spend some days on admission, when all you have in your account is barely enough to last you and your family for the month, what would you do? Go home and get self-medication? Every Nigerian needs the Hospital cash cover.

This cover offers you cash for hospital stay over 2 days. Depending on the reason for admission and level of cover chosen you would get cash ranging from N4000 to N15000 daily for your bills and just as you can guess, it is very affordable. The premium ranges from N5210 to N7000 yearly.



Third party Motor insurance

This is a very common plan. According to Nigerian law, every vehicle owner should have a motor insurance plan. Due to the affordability of the third party motor insurance plan, it is well embraced by vehicle owners. The great news is that, with N5000 yearly, you will get a third party motor cover from Leadway Assurance, which offers you up to N1million for third party property damage and an unlimited cover for bodily injury or death.


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Are you still wondering whether you can afford an insurance plan? Wondering won’t help you out. Call 012800700 to clear all your doubts. With affordable insurance products from Leadway Assurance your future is absolutely secured.



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