Here’s How To Make Your Time In Traffic Less Stressful

Of the many things that take our time, none is probably more agonizing than the time we spend in traffic daily, especially if you reside in a metropolitan city like Lagos. It’s even more agonizing that, most of the time, you get to the supposed point where the traffic started and are left wondering if it was caused by a ghost, because you can’t find the actual thing that led to the ‘go slow’. A recent study suggests that an average of three out of every ten (10) years spent in Lagos is used in traffic. While the wisest thing to do will be to plan your journey ahead in order to beat the traffic, it makes a lot of sense to find ways to make this time of our life worthwhile, and reduce the stress that could come with it. To achieve this, here are four things you can do:

Turn Up The Radio

Whether you are behind the wheel or commuting in public transport, the radio would pass for the perfect traffic buddy anytime, anywhere and of course, any day. Depending on how you feel, if you are in a conversational mood, you could tune to a talk station discussing a topic that might interest you. It tricks your mind into thinking you are not alone, creating a feeling that you have someone to talk with. If a conversation isn’t what you want, then let music come to your rescue; tune to a music station where you will be served a cocktail of your favourite songs to spice up the moment, or just to calm and relieve you the stress of traffic, whichever works for you. Remember, the idea is to lift your spirit and tune your mind off the standstill.

Play a Game

Having a stimulating game on your device comes in handy when you are stuck in traffic, although it’s not advisable to do this when you are handling the steering. You can indulge in it if you are practically in a standstill. Playing a game is a good way to let off steam, it helps refocus your mind and if it’s really stimulating, it will crush the fatigue and leave you feeling good, despite what’s happening around you at the moment.

Talkathon Time

With all the advancements in artificial Intelligence and its incorporation into car manufacturing, it has become safer and easier to make calls because you don’t have to handle your mobile device. Being stuck in traffic, presents an excellent time to catch up with family or a friend on the entire gist you might have missed while you were busy at the office or tied up with something else. Interestingly, life will always give you at least one friend in your circle, who is always ready to talk, has all the juicy gist and can keep you engaged for the entire duration of your time in traffic, ensuring there is no dull moment at all. In practical terms, this feels like you have someone or people in a discussion with you while on traffic. So, whip out your phone, start dialing and… talk on! If you aren’t driving and also considering the cost of a long call, turn to social media and instant messaging apps for this purpose. You will even be able to communicate with more people for less.



Be Productive!

Time is the universal currency of life and the time spent in traffic can be put to productive use. If you feel you are up to it, invest your time in traffic for personal development, read a book to widen your knowledge base, gain a new certification by enrolling and completing an online course and if possible, learn a new skill while in traffic.



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