Here’s Why Some Nigerian Men Love Working Women

Since time immemorial, in many cultures, it is accepted that it is the role of the man to work and cater to the financial needs of the family unit, while the woman takes care of the home front. With the passage of time, women have found themselves in positions of not just running the home, but also working professionally to make ends meet for the family. While this is a turn off for some men who would rather have their wives at home playing the role of homemakers, some others actually love their women working. Here are a few reasons why some men love working women.



Some men would rather have the woman in their life independent, as opposed to the one who constantly relies on them for everything. An independent woman, they believe, has her own thing going. She is her own person. They believe that an independent woman can challenge them in different ways. They also believe that someone who can make her own decisions, and allows her partner to do so as well, makes for a much more fulfilling relationship. An independent woman does not have to wait on her man for some things to be done.


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Financial support

Most men love working women for this obvious reason. The extra income that comes into the house from the woman’s side goes a long way to relieve the financial burden the man would have had to carry. The woman’s income/earnings can be kept as savings for future needs of the family.


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Someone once said nothing is as beautiful as a woman that is confident and knows her worth. For some men, their wife working is a thing of pride to them. Watching and supporting the woman in their life soar and breakthrough in whatever profession they choose brings them some degree of happiness and pride.


To understand work stress

Some men believe that a workingwoman will definitely be able to relate better to the stress that comes with day-to-day working conditions. She will be able to understand and better appreciate the extra hours her husband might have to put into his work.


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For some men, this is something that defines the relationship. They believe that if a woman can manage her work well and build something from the ground up, then she can manage all other things.



Better communication

Some men believe that a workingwoman will make for a great conversation partner. They believe they are interesting to talk with because they will have diverse views and exposure due to their work experience. Some men actually believe that workingwomen can keep them engaged in a conversation without boredom setting in.


For these reasons and more, some men would prefer a workingwoman for a spouse. How about you? What is your preference?



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