Hey Car Owners! Here Are 5 Things You Should Not Do On The Road



Driving is something many of us do on a daily basis. It can be complicated, and sometimes could involve processing different activities and information, all at the same time. As such, it requires some level of concentration.


Driving on busy streets, like the streets of Lagos, even calls for a quicker sense of judgment and thinking. Sometimes, many folks, assuming they have mastered the art/skills of driving, fail to pay as much attention as they should while driving.


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However, there are a number of things you should not do while driving, no matter how much of a great driver you think you. Here are a few of the things a driver should avoid.



Making a Phone Call or Texting

One of the worst things to do while driving is chatting on the phone or making a phone conversation, especially on a handheld phone. This greatly distracts you, even if you think it doesn’t, just because you are not looking at your phone. Social media makes it possible for enthusiastic youths to share every part of their day-to-day life with the world. But there have been cases of fatal car crashes that resulted because the drivers were live-streaming videos of themselves driving past popular locations. When you are distracted by a conversation or a ‘chat’, you are less able to pay attention to traffic changes and situations, and to respond effectively or quickly.


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 Driving safely involves a total attention without any form of distraction. When you are not doing this, you are putting your life and the lives of those in the car with you, as well as that of other road users, in great danger


Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol

Drivers who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs cause majority of road accidents around the world. Alcohol brings about a loss of inhibition and impairs your ability to focus or react effectively. When you have these influences in your system, you may think you are good at driving, but chances are you are not.




Sometimes, you find yourself in a rush and you need to get to an important appointment. So you decide to complete your make-up or grooming on the go as you drive. This can cause unnecessary distraction that can lead to a fatal car crash. If you need to groom and prepare yourself for whatever appointments you might have, do so before you turn on the car ignition.


Driving When Tired

There is a popular saying that, “You cannot cheat nature.” When your body is tired, needs rest or needs to sleep, it is going to find a way to get it. When you are driving while tired or drowsy, you have slower reaction time and are likely to fall asleep at the wheels. This is a recipe for a fatal crash because you’ll be in high speed and cannot do anything to avoid the crash in the moment before impact. If you are tired or sleepy while driving, pull up to a restaurant or any safe place and take a quick nap.


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Not Wearing A Seat Belt

As easy and simple as this is to do, it is incomprehensible how many drivers and passengers avoid doing it. It’s like a plague to many! Seat belts work in conjunction with air bags to keep us safe. They help prevent passenger ejection during high-speed crashes or rollovers. You never can tell when something will go wrong on the road. So, even if you just want to drive down the street to grab something, use your seat belt. It matters.



Adhering to these personal road safety rules will definitely enhance your safety and that of other road users. Play your part. Obey the rules and regulations for safe driving and, just maybe, the number of road accidents and casualties on our roads might take a downward slide.



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