Hey Folks! This Should Be The Content For A Healthy Lunch Pack

Thinking of how to ensure your children stay healthy and well nourished throughout the school session? Simply improve on their daily diet. Though the first choice of many parents might be to get multivitamin capsules for the children, this might not do as much as good nutrition will do. Good nutrition gives your child natural and effective nourishment. So, when next you make plans for the school lunch pack, ensure that your plan includes the following:


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When you hear the word ‘play’, you think of a child. Children love to play and are burn a lot of energy doing in the process. Being that playing is part of their growth process, carbohydrates are very essential in our daily diet as they serve to provide us with energy. For children that often get involved in a lot of activities, more carbohydrate is encouraged as a part of their daily diet and should always be included in their lunch pack.


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Foods like egg, fish, meat and legumes like beans should also have presence in their lunch pack. You can have it as a blend with the carbohydrate and not necessarily as a stand-alone. Whichever way you choose to present it, ensure that it is of a reasonable quantity, compared to the carbohydrate.




Though some kids might not like salads, you can look for a vegetable they love and include it in the lunch box. A vegetable like carrot is widely enjoyed by kids. You can start with carrots and gradually introduce them to other green vegetables and salad. If you want your kids to try out something new, please start it with them at home, before including it in their lunch box so they don’t begin to see their lunch box as a form of punishment.



Ensure your kids have enough water to stay hydrated during the school period. Water is as nourishing to the child as any other class of food. In fact, it is more essential than any other food and works with the body far beyond nutrition. Vital organs in the body need water to function properly. You wouldn’t want your child to have all the nutritious foods in the lunch pack and no water to aid the body in processing the food. If your child doesn’t like to drink water, you can try making it more interesting by adding fruits to their water.


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Diary – milk, cheese or yogurt

Beside the fact that yogurt and cheese are delicious to eat, they are highly nutritious as they contain a good amount of calcium essential for strong bones, good eyes and teeth. Isn’t these what your child needs to grow well? Switch sugary drinks for milk, cheese or yogurt. You kids will certainly enjoy it.




Most schools insist on parents providing snacks option for kid’s in order for them to not feel left out when other kids are eating. If all you can think of when it comes to snacks is biscuits and pastries, you can try out nuts – groundnuts or cashew, lightly sweetened popcorn, raisins and other packaged ready to eat food.


If having all these in your child’s pack is not achievable for you on a daily basis, you can at least try to achieve 4 out of the five from the list. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult. You might just need to eliminate other unhealthy foods and snacks and replace them with these.



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