How To Keep A Friendship For More Than A Decade

GREAT friends are priceless - they can lift your spirits, make you laugh, and they are there for you when you need someone to talk to. Everyone needs to have at least one great friend they can trust and rely on. But, sometimes, many people find it difficult to keep a friendship, and this can be due to a lot of things. Meanwhile, there are a lot of others that have kept friendships for decades, and that keeps you wondering. How’s that possible?!  Everyone would love to have that friend that knows them entirely, understands their flaws and shortcomings, and is like family because they’ve come a long way.

So, what does a healthy friendship look like and how do you maintain a friendship so that it can last a lifetime?

Check in on them.

Sometimes, your friends go through things that weigh them down and they might just need a friend to tell them that everything will be all right. Friendship isn’t about getting drunk together on Friday nights and texting each other about your hangovers. Friendships last when you check in on each other on weeknights, asking how their week is going, and making sure they’re getting through life quite well, out of a genuine care and concern. Thank God for the Internet and phone calls! Everything has been made easy.

Kick Gossip.

Gossip refers to idle talk or rumor, particularly about the personal or private affairs of others. A lot of friendships go south because of tattling and gossips. You must have to kick this habit if you want friendships that would last for a really long time. Gossip is toxic and can ruin even the best of friendships. If you feel like there’s an issue gnawing at your chest that you simply cannot shake, you need to talk to your friend about it.

Try to meet up when you can.

There’s nothing wrong with making out time to meet up with your friends if you live in the same town. In fact, it goes a long way to show the value you place on them. Time is precious; if you spend it on a friend, it shows devotion and strengthens your bond. You can make weekend plans together or even plan a vacation. When you do, be sure to make meaningful contributions and investments in their lives, not necessary in terms of materials.

Prove trustworthy.
If a friend tells you a secret, make sure you keep it. Never tell someone a secret your friend wanted you to keep. Don't even leak it out to someone you think you can trust. It can find its way back to your friend and destroy trust. A secret is a secret.

Don't expect perfection.
Nothing is ever a 100% perfect. So, be sure that you'll probably go through rough patches with your friends. You could even have heated arguments and probably go days without talking to each other. But that doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship, if only you can learn to excuse and look beyond the imperfections of your friends. Friendship will also require you know where to give others their space, and respect their opinions. You will also need to learn to tell them the truth when you have to, no matter how bitter it gets. In the long run, they will appreciate you and value your relationship.

Appreciate them!

Please appreciate your friends and never take your friendships for granted. We can never overemphasize this. This is the mistake a lot of people often make. Needless to say that friendships die untimely deaths when taken for granted. Be sure to call your friends and share their notable moments with them. In one-way or the other, always find ways to let them know how lucky you are that they chose to be friends with you! Show compliments and hype them up real good when the opportunity presents!

There you have it! Do these things and your friendship will probably last a lifetime. Good friendships are rare to come by. So you need to cherish yours!



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