If You Can Afford It…These Holiday Destinations Will Wow You!  


Picture yourself in any one of these beautiful places in the world on a vacation this holiday. Imagine exploring stunning architectural feats, tropical paradises, and the beautiful gifts wrapped in lush sceneries of nature and themed parks with fun rides. Let your mind drift on how the cool breeze of the sea will caress your skin, while you lie on the beach at night, staring at the beautiful diamonds as they glitter in the sky.


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Dubai has grown in just a few years to become an incredible land in the Middle East, filled with perfect splendour that meets every taste. Dubai’s BurjKhalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, is a magnificent sight to behold. Lodging in one of the suites will make you feel like a king/royalty. Aside BurjKhalifa, there are so many other luxurious hotels here that will give you breathtaking experiences. The ‘lost city of Atlantis’ has an aquaventure where you can be under water but surrounded by aquatic life, separated only by a thick glass barrier. Water slides too are available here for family fun. Massive shopping malls, ski centers with snow-covered slopes, and desert safaris are just a few of the many exhilarating experiences in Dubai, irrespective of whether the vacation is for you alone, for you and your partner, or for your entire family. Here, there is fun for everyone!


Here Are Top 5 Destinations In Nigeria For Honeymooners



Walt Disney World - Florida



This massive themed park is located in Orlando Florida. It is a magical place, especially for kids. If you want to reward your kid, this is the best place to go. Here, there is so much to see and do. You can dine at the Cooking Place or the Flying Fish Café, where they serve some of the tastiest, yummiest cuisines ever. If you can handle the thrills, you can visit The Twilight Zone-themed attraction, where the Tower of Terror is. It is a drop tower ride but comes with elaborate themes and effects that will give you the “stomach in your mouth moment” experience. For kids, Disney World is loaded with wonderful and age-appropriate rides that they will adore. To fully enjoy the Disney World experience, lodge at the Disney Hotels. Here, they have beautiful suites with great views, and the hotel offers complimentary ground transportation to and from the airport, as well as an exclusive ride time at the park. Also, there are other amazing themed parks and fun activities at the Walt Disney Park that the whole family will enjoy.


The Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona



The Grand Canyon is millions of years old and is one of the most wondrous destinations in the world located in Arizona. Travel here for a great holiday experience that gives you a better understanding of the geological history that lies therein. A walk along the Trail of Time will give you that. Stop at the viewing tubes while you take the walk and visit the Yavapai Geology Museum. If you have kids from age four up, they can receive the official Grand Canyon Junior Ranger badge when they complete the requirements listed in the activity book and take a pledge in front of a park ranger. Cool right? At night, the sky at the Grand Canyon is a wonder to stare at. The dark skies are perfect for observing the stars and planets up above. You can stay with your family at the cabins on the bottom of the canyon and also enjoy dinner at the unique Phantom Ranch Dining Room.


Cape Town



Cape Town in South Africa has become a great vacation destination because it is packed full of amazing locations that offer both indoor and outdoor fun. Cape Town is famous for scenic beauty with a lot of celebrity beaches, mountains, harbours and gardens. It has beautiful restaurants that offer good food and wine like the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, state-of-the-art and world-class shopping centers, and facilities for whale watching. You can also go relax with your family by the poolside of the Sea Point Swimming Pool, one of Cape Town’s best, and one of the best in the world. It is set overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and is open all year round. Cape Town’s weather is like that of a Mediterranean climate – not too hot during summer, wet and cold during winter.


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Looking for the perfect destination for that long-awaited time away with your partner this season? Seychelles is the place to go. It is a ‘honeymooners haven’. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Seychelles has beautiful talcum-powder beaches, lapped by topaz waters, lush hills, and a sublime-laid back tempo. These islands are often seen gracing the fronts covers of magazines. The best part of Seychelles beaches is that they are never crowded, so you can have all the alone time you need with your partner.

To add to this, it boasts of several luxurious hotels that will pamper and ‘spoil’ you and your partner, right from the moment you step in there.


So, if you can afford it, step up your game for the season and explore the thrills of any of these destinations. It will be worth your while.



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