It's My Birthday Month!

Every new month gets me excited because it’s a great opportunity to start afresh. But I’m most excited at the beginning of July, and that’s because it’s my birth month.


This July, I’m turning 30. Yes, the big THIRTY! But then, I have mixed feelings about this one because I know there’s going to be a family meeting regarding my spinsterhood and several calls from my mother, enquiring if I’ve found a ‘husband’, because she “can’t wait to carry her grandchildren.” While I have good feelings that my association with Lolu could lead to something good, he hasn’t formally asked me for a relationship, so I shouldn’t have high hopes. Anyway, I won’t let this thirtieth birthday thoughts ruin my vacation.


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The last 5 days have been super fun and filed with a lot of surprises. Messi and Ronaldo, the world’s greatest footballers of our time were kicked out of the tournament on the same day! It was crazy here in Moscow seeing the Argentines so sad.  Nina couldn’t travel to watch the match live, so we went to a mini bar with Lolu and Nina’s date, Antoine.  It was more like a double date. Nina has also found love in Russia. What a time to be alive! My new team, Brazil, is very much in the game, and I hope they make it to the final! My German friend, Hanna, left last night after Germany got kicked out of the World Cup. It was really nice meeting her. I miss her already.


The date with Lolu ended really well and we had another kiss – this time, a shared one. I haven’t stopped staring at my phone because of the many pictures and videos we’ve taken during our hangouts, and they’ve kept me smiling. My roommate, Nina, has also been having so much fun as her country France made it through to the quarterfinals after defeating the team that shattered our world cup chances, Argentina. It seemed like every Nigerian rooted for France to win because of what they did to us.


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Regarding my 30th birthday, I have told Lolu about it… and that I don’t know how to celebrate it. It’s on the 21st and the good thing is that it’s on a Saturday. I’ve always wanted to have a destination birthday vacation, but after spending so much money on this one, I don’t think there’s going to be any party. It’s probably going to be a small hangout at my apartment with a few friends. My bank account needs to recuperate… abeg!



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