My Russia Diary - Russia Here I Come

Dobre Utro! Menya zovut Nneoma Okafor [meaning ‘Good Morning! My name is Nneoma Okafor’ in the Russian language]. The 2018 World Cup is two days away, and it has taken me a lot to get to the point I am right now – making final preparations to depart for Russia.


In fact, I have sworn that nothing would stop me from making the most of it. I must have all the fun I can; why shouldn’t I? With the help of the Russian-English dictionary I downloaded on my phone, I have been practicing the Russian language the whole day, learning how to say “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “How are you?” and other basic conversation starters, before heading to the market to get some Nigerian food items that I’ll be travelling with. This was my first trip outside the continent, so I have decided to ‘smuggle’ in some Nigerian food items, just in case…you never know. Oh my gush! I feel so excited my trip is tomorrow. How did I even get here?



Since this World Cup venue and date was confirmed, I have been saving for this trip. I even did Ajo, just to help me save a certain amount of money every month.  At the onset of the year, I had applied for my annual work leave to coincide with the World Cup. What a great way to spend my work vacation! Now, my boxes are ready and I have just gotten a brand new canon EOS 4000D to record all the best moments.


A travel agency (one of the popular ones in Lagos) helped me get tickets for half the regular price. The day I visited the travel agency to get my documents and travel information, I had seen someone that looked really familiar from my university days. But then, he left in a hurry. I wasn’t sure it was him. Could that really be the Seyi Thompson, who I was head over heels in love with in my first year at the university? May be not.



My flight is tomorrow and all my documents and accommodation information are ready. I am going to be staying at the City Heats Apartments, Mosfilm, which is about 2.5km from the Luzhniki Stadium, venue of Nigeria’s first match. Right now, I’m 92% ready; the only thing left is to do the lady things – fix my hair and get a good manicure set to slay! Yeah! Then, I’ll stop by to see my mom and siblings before heading to the airport in the morning. Although my flight is stated for 1pm, Lagos roads are very unpredictable. So I plan to leave my home by 8 in the morning, so I could get everything sorted out in good time. Oh… I can’t wait!



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