Super Eagles Out... But The Fun Continues

I haven’t written in a while because Lolu and I have been hanging out way too much. From The group tours, the football matches and touring Moscow, everything has been a rollercoaster! Before I even write about how sad I got at a moment, I want to first applaud the Super Eagles of Nigeria for their commendable effort at the group stage, though we couldn’t make it through to the next round. The match against Iceland was a really exciting one, with social media abuzz with commendations for our own Super Eagles. There has never been a time I was so proud to be a Nigerian as I was that faithful Friday, many thanks to Ahmed Musa. But that’s all gone now, and it makes me really sad.


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Although we’re out of the World Cup, I’ve decided that the fun must continue for me, because that’s why I came here in the first place. Nina has been very persuasive in her push for me to support France, but I think I’d like to support Brazil because I think they’re a great team. Coutinho, Neymar, Marcelo! That team is just too complete! By the way, I wouldn’t stop wearing my Nigerian Jersey because I’m proudly Nigerian.



It’s 7am on the 29th of June and guess what? Lolu and I have a dinner date! I’m actually really nervous, but a part of me is really excited too. I just have mixed feelings. It’s been two weeks and I feel like it’s too early to start dating. We agreed to take things slowly till we get back to Nigeria so we can make a good decision about our “relationship”. I mean… I need to know if he’s really serious or it’s just a holiday fling. I’m really optimistic about what we have going. So I’m getting ready for my date! The tour group has been really fun, I’ve made like 3 friends from my group - a German and two Mexicans. My German friend, Hanna, is so cool. Although it’s really hard to communicate because she doesn’t speak fluent English, she’s just fun to be around.


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I invited Hanna and Nina for a spa session today. More like a girl’s day because I needed a good massage and some pampering. A girl really needs these spa sessions you know!  I came with enough wigs to last me for a year, so I don’t have to bother about my hair. After the spa session, we’ll stop by a mall to pick up a few dresses and the girls can even help decide which is better for tonight. I just remembered how I bumped into Sola and Halima at the PandaPark Fili Rope Park and it was super awkward! The fact that Lolu and Sola are cousins, and we all live in the same apartment building, makes it much more uncomfortable. That’s especially because Lolu and I have been spending too much time together. But I don’t really care! Sola is enjoying his holiday with his wife, so I’m allowed to enjoy mine too!


Oops! It’s 10 and Hanna will be here in 10 minutes for our spa outing! Wish me luck on my date tonight!

P.S : My bank account dey fear me o!



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