The Colour Of A Woman

Recently, I wrote what I may call a ‘love letter’ to someone. Yeah! I did – the kind they used to write in those days. I hear that some still do that these days, only that it’s now done via chats and e-mails. Before you call me ‘old school’, may I explain how I came about my letter?



I needed an opportunity to have a real good chat with this very lady that had just stolen my heart. Ideally, I would have preferred to look into her eyes and reveal a part of my heart. As I couldn’t get the opportunity of a real date with her, and sensing that my damsel does not check her mail every day (and chatting was not an option either), I opted for the ‘old school’ method. At least, that guaranteed me the ‘quickest service’.


As I mused over the piece I had written, I couldn’t help but ponder on the power that women wield on men, the colour they add to life and the sheer beauty of femininity. In my ‘love letter’, I had promised that, at the right time, I would take my damsel to the Caribbean Islands – and to any part of the world she may desire, and buy her anything her heart craved for. Only a woman can make me say this, I imagined. Please don’t call me ‘woman wrapper’. Love can make you do silly things – and you’ll be happy doing them.



Some years back, I used to think that only certain kind of women deserved this kind of attention and adoration – may be, due to their peculiar beauty. But, as I grow older, it’s dawning on me that every woman is beautiful, only that they come in diverse forms. Some might be ‘more beautiful’ than others, but women are beautiful beings, right from the cradle. It seems like there’s ‘this’ intrinsic beautifier in every woman. If only some will dig deeper and work harder, they will uncover this.



Women build. They create. They add colour to our lives and are a source of great strength and support. Of course, I don’t have to tell you that they are our mothers. When I look out there, I reason that every lady that I see represents some man’s special someone. She is someone’s mother, sister, heartthrob or heartthrob-to-be. This understanding has made me learn to respect the next lady I meet at the office, on the road or at the mall, not minding whether they are fat, thin, short, tall, dark or fair. To me, these differences are just the varieties that add spice to life. I’ve also come to find out that the more women are loved and respected, the more they blossom and give out their colour.


You might not like a lady or ‘feel anything’ for her, but someone else does, or will. That’s the reality of life. So, learn to respect every woman you meet like you will want people to respect that special someone in your life. Just do your part! And if you’re a woman, take wholesome pride in who you are. This way, our world will be filled with so much colour.


Here’s wishing every lady out there a #HappyWomen’sDay! Enjoy!

NB:This piece was written 10 years ago by ElceeMcEdwards, but republished on the occasion of the 2018 International Women’s Day.




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