These Five Questions Could Get You Five Steps Closer to Fulfilling Your Dreams

That MD of an insurance company or even that successful businessman who deals in hi-tech automobile might have probably dreamt of being a doctor or an aeronautical engineer. But, circumstances, for good or for bad, might have caused him to deviate from it.


As a matter of fact, there are no limits when it comes to the number and size of dreams permissible for an individual, but there are so many limitations when it comes to fulfilling them.



So, for a definition, we can say that a dream is a picture of a future that may happen. We may also define it as a vision of an exaggeration that lies in the distance. However, whether that distance is covered and becomes a destination or not is largely dependent upon the choices we make and those we don’t.


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Take a look at each of these questions and you’ll see how closer you are to fulfilling your dreams.


What does your dream mean to you?

Is it just an irrelevant thought, image or sensation that comes to your mind when you are asleep or even awake? It shouldn’t be. Your dream has to become your most cherished ambition, aspiration or ideal. You need to make it your number one priority.



How well do you believe in your dream?

On the path to fulfilling your dream, you’ll need people, and the only way they can believe in your dream enough to help you is when you believe in it well enough yourself. Start believing in your dream today. Even if it doesn’t look like it now, give it time, and you’ll be glad you did.


Does your dream look impossible?

A dream is oftentimes bigger than the dreamer, but not impossible. Sometimes, it looks so big because it’s still in your mind. Why not write it down, plan a strategy around it and set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.


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There’s always someone out there ready to buy into a good idea. So, don’t allow the lack of money deter you. Start with the small resources around you. Then, improve on your plans and strategies by carrying out more researches. Afterward, you may pitch your idea to a friend or two.





But there are so many of them, what will I do?

Consider a woman pregnant with quadruplets for instance and liken the babies in her womb to all the dreams you have in your mind. Though these babies were conceived at the same time, she won’t be delivered of them at the same time. It has to be one after the other.


There are no limits to the number of dreams you may have. But, in working towards fulfilling them, you have to choose one to start with; else you could loose time, energy and resources without achieving anything. Start with one today, gain experience and build momentum for the others.


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Why are they so many?

Perhaps it is easier to say humans were created that way. But you have to realize that having so many dreams isn’t as important as following a path that will lead to the accomplishment of one of them.

So, in following these paths, you need to do some research and ask questions because, whether you know it or not, some one, somewhere, is already living your dream.


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Find out who he or she is, how he or she did it and begin to apply the same principles and, most importantly, seek to improve on them for a better outcome.



Whenever you’re faced with the fear of “What if it fails? What will people say?” ask yourself “What if is works? What will people say?”



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