Weird Christmas Traditions Around The World

Christmas is celebrated once a year all over the world. But this magical holiday is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. We have gone around the world to bring you some of the weirdest Christmas traditions around. Enjoy!



Norwegians do not clean on the eve of Christmas as all brooms are safely kept away for the fear of evil spirits and witches stealing them.



Caracas residents in Venezuela have a strange tradition of going to mass only on a roller skates.



You will get the weirdest Christmas recipes here. Mattak is a raw whale skin served with blubber. Kiviak is 500 dead auk birds, stuffed into a seal skin, and left to ferment for 7 months.





In Germany, children leave a shoe outside their house on December 5th, which is then filled with sweets overnight. The naughty children wake up to find a tree branch in the shoe instead. Iceland also has the same custom. Theirs happens during the 12 days of Christmas.


Czech Republic

You can tell if you’ll be getting married soon or not through this Christmas tradition. Unmarried women have a tradition of throwing a shoe over their shoulder. If the toe is pointing towards the door when it lands, they will be married within the next year.



Christmas lights, tinsel and baubles don’t make it to the Christmas trees in Ukraine. What does is artificial spider and web instead.


Great Britain

They have an age-old tradition that states that each member of the family must make a wish as they stir the Christmas pudding mix in a clockwise direction before it is cooked.



They sweep out their houses just before Christmas and make a large pile of dirt before placing an effigy of the devil on top of it and burning it.





Nigerian kids wear new Christmas clothes and go around their neighbourhood, visiting from door to door. They are given money or sweet treats.



Finns have a tradition of paying touching tribute to the dead on Christmas day. Families light candles at the graves of their departed loved ones. It gives the graveyards a beautiful sight.



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