What If Your Beauty Can Be Insured…Would You?

Hey guys! Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be forever young - no wrinkles, perfect eyes, perfect hair, glowing skin, looking 25 at 50, aging at an extremely slow pace and having enough cash to keep things that way? I don’t know about you, but I have.


This brings me to my real question: Would you insure your beauty, if you can? Many people insure what is important to them. Business people insure their commercial assets such as buildings, hardware, software etc. Even footballers get insurance plans that cover injuries that might be inflicted on their persons in the course of their job, or any injuries that might affect their ability to play football. In developed climes, there are so many types of insurance covers, with some tending towards the bizarre. You have insurance policies that cover taste buds, alien abduction, moustache, butt etc. That means that if you are looking for any form of insurance, no matter how ridiculous it might seem, you will find it.  So, again, if you can insure your beauty, would you?



The word, “Beauty” is very broad, with many deep meanings. But the ‘beauty’ being referred to here can be narrowed down to mean physical attractiveness alone. For a lot of women, physical attractiveness is attributed to how big or small their eyes, breasts, buttocks, hips etc. are is, or what their hip to waist ratio or leg to body ratio is. For men, it is about how tall they are, their musculature, youthfulness, body scent, the flatness of their abdomen etc. The standards of beauty keep moving in an endless cycle.

In order to keep up with evolving beauty trends, a lot of people, especially women, are obsessed with getting the latest beauty products, trying the latest beauty enhancement technology, or even getting body make-overs. These certainly cost money, a lot of it! So, what happens to those who can’t afford to look like the media stereotypes? Sadly, they begin to feel uncomfortable in their uniqueness and allow themselves to be body shamed, rather than embrace all that makes them what they are.



Nevertheless, true beauty is beyond what you wear, how much your hair costs, how big or small your eyes is or how thin your waist is. It is sad that society and the media have made us to believe otherwise. True beauty emanates from the heart. It is in the way our smile radiates warmth to those around us. It is in how much we love ourselves for who we are and how we look, despite media stereotypes. It is in how well we live our lives. True beauty gives us peace of mind. And that’s exactly what insurance provides us - peace of mind. Hence, the reason why some people go for what you might consider bizarre insurance covers. It provides them with an assurance that in the event of unforeseen occurrences, they would not be caught unawares.



So I will rephrase my question: if your peace of mind can be insured, would you buy it?

If your answer is ‘yes’, which is what is should be, check out our various plans that are guaranteed to insure your peace of mind. We have plans like the LHappy, LBoss, Education Savings Plan, Home Flexa, LSSP, Hospital Cash Cover, Family Benefit Plan etc. Your peace of mind…that is what makes for true beauty!

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