What's Perfume Got To Do With Happiness

Can happiness be bottled? This is something you’ll probably regard as a myth, especially if you grew up watching Barbie and other fairy themed cartoons, where it’s a norm to keep spells in bottles for different purposes.

Each specially designed bottle of your favorite perfume is filled with a certain volume of carefully blended natural and synthetic compounds, used to create a pleasantly-scenting magical fluid that brings happiness.

You don’t think so? See what we’ve got below!



Smell good

The main reason for wearing a perfume is to smell good, and that’s what most people have at the back of their mind when they purchase one. Smelling good helps you gain social acceptance because it passes a message that you are conscious about your personal hygiene and spare no efforts in making sure that you are clean. This crushes the misconception that perfumes are meant to be used as cover-up to existing body odours, nay! They are to amplify the smell of a clean body – which makes it is easier to walk into a room smelling like a million dollars.



Boost Mood

You should consider getting a perfume that fits you like a glove! A good fragrance can enhance your mood throughout the day. So, whether you are feeling playful, timid or reserved, you have your go-to-bottle to boost your mood. And when you are not in a bright mood, you can take solace in the aromatherapy of your signature perfume to relieve you of stress, ease your mind and keep you energized and alert - this ensures you remain productive. It might take a while to create a personal collection of perfumes for different moods, but, as they say, the end justifies the means and it can be very gratifying!



Boost Confidence

It has been proven that when you smell good, you feel good about yourself and this arms you with confidence to do anything, irrespective of how difficult or simple the task may be. Whether you are attending a job interview, making a presentation or defending a contract proposal, wearing a perfume that accurately reflects your personality helps you project yourself with confidence. The trick is quite simple: if you see yourself as being acceptable to ‘yourself’ first, it builds in you the confidence that you’ll be accepted by others.



Increase Attraction

Do you have someone you just love to sit around because of how pleasant they smell? Sometimes, people get attracted to others because of the perfume they are wearing and, without even seeing their faces, they begin to create images of what the other persons should look like in their head. That’s how potent the power of attraction in a bottle of good perfume is. The secret portion to make people more attracted to you, or make that special someone notice you, is waiting patiently for you in the bottle.



Preserve Memories

Think about how you feel when you perceive the smell of party jollof, that shows how the brain associates memories with smell. Scent can help you remember things you want to remember. So, when you are happy or celebrating something in particular, buy a new perfume and wear it. Subsequently, anytime you wear the perfume afterwards, it will trigger the happy memories stored by the brain from its initial usage.

Now, you see what good perfumes have got to do with happiness?

Please share your experiences with us in the comment section.



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