What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

A lot of times we fall asleep randomly, either while watching our favorite TV show or interacting on social media. We often assume that the sleep position we take is just random. But studies point to the fact that our personality may actually determine what positions we find convenient when we fall asleep trying to binge watch our favorite series. It’s just amazing how much information an individual’s sleep position reveals about their personality. So, if you have a friend or relation whose personality seems like a hard nut to crack, the secret you seek might just be ‘lying’ in their sleep position.

You may need to pay attention to the following sleep positions, and what they say about ‘who people are’.



Fetal position

This is probably the most relatable of all sleep positions considering the fact that we spent several months in this position while in our mothers’ womb. The fact that the legs are bent and the arms close to the chest might show that you find it hard to let people in, people who sleep in this position tend to be very sensitive in spite of how confident they look on the outside. The good thing is that although they are slow to warm up to others, these people are very open once they do.



Log position

Think of a position that is the direct opposite of the Fetal position and you have the Log position.The sleeper slumbers on his side, legs extended straight with arms by the side. People who take this position tend to be outgoing and very social.They have no barriers and worries. They open up to people easily and can sometimes be gullible because they are very trusting.


Yearner position

This position is very similar to the log position, the difference being that you stretch your arms outward. People who love to sleep this way are also very open and inviting. However, on the flip side, they are very suspicious of those around them. They make their decisions slowly but are very stubborn and resolute once their mind is made up.



Soldier position

If you grew up with an ex-soldier, you’ll definitely relate with this sleep position better – you sleep face up with arms by the side like a soldier at attention. Folks who sleep in this position are principled and very disciplined.They like things in a certain order and, they love to find their things exactly where they placed them. These people set high expectations for those around them and have truly high standards for themselves as well.


Freefall position

Picture someone having a freefall from a cliff and you have this sleep position.Just as the name implies, if you are inclined to sleep in this position you are quite friendly and outspoken. You socialize very quickly, but you’re constantly seeking social approval and this makes you very sensitive to criticism.



Starfish position

The Starfish is not our typical everyday fish. But this position is an everyday thing for some people. If you sleep face up with arms and leg opened, you are a person who cherishes friendship and family a lot, and you make them a priority in your life.

Now that you’ve read this, do you really believe that there is a link between your personality and the position your mind subconsciously adopts when you sleep?Let us know what you think.





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