When Love Takes Over

Remi and Mary have been married for 7 years now. In all those years, they never fought, not even once. But that was until yesterday. “How was that even possible?” Mary thought to herself, as she rolled over on her king size bed. Then, She got out of bed and made to shut the window blinds. The cold breeze from her sky rise hotel suite must be the reason she couldn’t sleep. Or, could it be something else? There’s also the tight knot in her chest that has refused to go away since she checked into the hotel the previous day.



Marriage, they say, has ups and downs, which you must push through. But what happens when you are not sure you want to do that pushing through. “Remi does not seem remorseful,” Mary thought again. 19 missed calls and uncountable number of apology messages do not qualify as remorseful. What he did is a deal breaker. “But, why is it so hard to stay mad at him though? How did we get here? To the point where I have to move out of our home, into a hotel?” Mary couldn’t stop thinking.


7 years ago, when they tied the knot, Remi and Mary were sure this was forever. 5 years later, with no kids and with Remi losing his job, they still had no misunderstandings because Mary took over the financial responsibilities from Remi, as she was doing really well at work. Fast forward to few days ago. Mary stumbled upon documents of a lease for a building Remi just got to further his dreams of owning his own Charity that will cater to victims of rape, domestic violence and human trafficking. She was stunned at the amount of money it costs and how long he kept it from her. If he was capable of keeping this from her, what else is he capable of hiding?

Mary took a seat by the edge of the bed and held her head in her hands. “Am I the problem?” She muttered to herself. Remi had mentioned his interest in humanitarian work in trickles a while back, but she never took it seriously. She just thought it was some sort of mid life crisis sort of thing, or a hobby he wants to use to fill up the void of not having a job. So, it meant more to him? Why didn’t he just have a conversation with her about it, instead of going behind her back, with 50% of their combined savings?


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Just about then, she heard a knock at the door. Who would be knocking on her suite at this time of the night. It was 1am. She approached the door and heard a familiar voice. It was Remi. Apparently, he was outside her suite with hotel security. It was 14th February, Valentines Day, and there was no way he would skip being with her for that night. She opened the door to let him in and had to convince the hotel security she was safe with him.

After Remi handed the bouquet of flowers and the lovely red dress he got for Mary, he apologised profusely for giving her a reason to move out of the house. He had tried several times to get her to see reasons why he wanted to pursue this passion. Apparently, each time he tried, he always met a stiff opposition from her, or she casually dismissed it. He had to take the drastic step to call her attention. He made a good case for himself. Maybe she was the problem after all, Mary thought. She sat down beside him, against her ego’s quest to kick him out the room.


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After 4 hours of talking, apologising and a little shedding of tears, Mary found herself strategizing and brainstorming for new ideas on how to go about this charity organisation Remi has been on about. It was a good idea after all! Amazingly, Remi had done most of the work involved. She only added her two cents to tie up a few loose ends. When the day fully breaks, the two of them will go over to the registering office to finish up the necessary paper work and then go take a look at the site. But for now, she will rest in his arms and let the warmth therein allay all her fears. They will be just fine.



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