You Might Be Attracting Burglars If You Do Any of These

Burglars are like every other human around you. They watch, perceive, plan and act accordingly. Most burglars are people that live within the vicinity or have informants who let them in on good targets.   


Research carried out on burglars shows that no burglar just enters into a building to steal. They often study the environment to examine the pros and cons of their attempt. Then, they carefully select their victims and attack.


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Do you think you are a potential target for burglars? Well, you might be if you are guilty of any of the points listed below. Your safety, and that of your properties, is important. But you might just be attracting burglars by your actions and inactions. Check through this so you can be on the safe side.


Leaving doors and windows open.

For those leaving in buildings that are by the road or open environments where strangers could have easy access, it is not advisable to have a habit of leaving the doors and windows open. This gives a burglar the impression of little or no security consciousness. Always ensure that the doors are well shut, even when they are not locked with keys. The more open your house looks, the more attractive it would be to burglars.


Turning off lights

Saving energy is a good habit and would certainly be appreciated by the power authorities, but it shouldn’t be done at the risk of your safety. Lights in a building show that there is activity there and should discourage burglars. Having your security lights on, especially at nights, helps to checkmate the activities of burglars. You might also choose to leave one or two visible lights on, while you are away during the day, as a guise that people are in the house.



Not using windows blinds

Just as you might love the site of your beautiful interior, so do burglars love and covet the beautiful constituent. Use window blinds to block off peeping eyes from your properties. Not using window blinds gives the burglars a good view of the home and with that, they could plan and skim their attack.


Having a poor relationship with neighbours

Whether you live in a duplex, bungalow or flat, it is important to know your neighbours and possibly have a good understanding with them. This is because a good neighbour could help identify a burglar or give useful information on findings around the vicinity. But where you live as a lone ranger, you might have to sort out your issues all by yourself.


Using doors or windows that look insecure

Burglars judge from what they see, which they might never confirm. If your doors and windows look old, weak and worn out, you are indirectly telling them that even if they decide an attack right away, a breakthrough will be easy. Always ensure that your locks look strong and difficult to maneuver, even if they are not.



Publicly boasting about asset

If you love to talk about newly acquired assets and success stories, you might need to reduce that a little because you might just be sharing useful information with burglars. If you must chat in the salons or while at the stores, try talking about generic topics like sports, fashion, insurance, economy etc. Leave your personal life out of the chat.


Lack of visible security measures

Research shows that the first thing burglars look out for before attacking a house is any form of security measure. It is advisable to always put up some sort of security alert that scares people away e.g. beware of dogs sign, cameras, alarms or security operatives.


Publicly announcing an empty house

Some people consider it courteous and trendy to leave a note indicating their absence right in front of the house. While this could be useful information to your visitors but it also puts your properties at risk. You are indirectly saying, “C’mon burglars! We are out of town.”



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